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Bruiser, Purple Metal Flake 008 hex

Bruiser, Purple Metal Flake 008 hex

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Flake Or Die®, Bruiser is our standard purple metal flake hex cut size .008".  This smaller .008" cut size gives you a more uniform sparkle, with a little less flash, than the .015" size. This would work best with a 1.5 or bigger spray tip, or Dry Flake Sprayer. Metal flake is also an excellent choice for flashy epoxy resin pours. Create a custom mix today by pairing with our Washer Fluid blue metal flake.

Package: 2 oz | 57 g by weight

  • All our flake is made in the USA.
  • Can be applied wet or dry to large surfaces. See mixing notes for wet application.
  • Learn more about Bruiser, Purple Metal Flake 008 hex

    Base Material: Polyflake

    Size: 0.008" | 0.200 mm | 200 micron

    Package: 2 oz | 57 g by weight

    Category: Metal Flake

    Bruiser, Purple Metal Flake 008 hex for custom paint and resin projects.

    Mixing: Add 1 pack to 1 quart clear base/intercoat. (Starting recommendation; It's custom, mix it to your liking.)

    Use with: custom paints, automotive paint, boat paint, gelcoatings, fiberglass, epoxy resins, polyurethane resins, plastisol, silicone, enamel paints, acrylic paints, oil paints, water color paints, lacquer coatings, custom inks, screen printing inks, adhesives, custom guitar paint , custom car colors

    Bruiser, purple metal flake with a dominant presence.

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    Bruiser, Purple Metal Flake 008 hex for custom paint and resin projects.

    ⠀🥽 Spray safe, everybody!
    Recommended PPE: Respirator, gloves and goggles
    Solvent: Safe
    UV: Safe
    Max Temp: 275°F/135°C


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