Flake Or Die® Metal Flake FAQ

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What is Metal Flake?

Metal flake is metalized polyester (mylar) particles cut in various shapes and sizes used to add metallic glitter to your custom project. At Flake Or Die® our metal flake is solvent, heat and UV resistant allowing for a variety of applications to enhance your project. Try our metal flake to add larger particle sparkle to your designs. Try flake in various coatings such as automotive/boat paint for custom colors, resins pours or casting projects, plastisol for custom bait and lures, enamel paints for hobby modeling, screen printing ink for shiny t-shirt designs, acrylic paints for flashy pours or lacquer coatings for a personalized fingernail polish. Remember that with small projects, you want a smaller sized flake. When creating custom mixtures always test a small panel or pour before you start your final project. Don’t waste your time or money by not testing your new blend prior to application.

What are Standard Metal Flakes?

Standard flakes are single color particles that add monochromatic luster to your custom mixture, as compared to Holographic Metal Flakes.

What are Holographic Metal Flakes?

Holographic colors break the light spectrum and reflect a rainbow of colors.

What are Metal Flake Blends?

Flake Or Die® bends are custom mixtures of metal flake with various colors and sizes to create a unique mixture of sparkle for your next project.  Not feeling creative or don’t want to reinvent the wheel, try a custom blend. Please don’t limit yourself to our imagination, create your own style by mixing flakes at home. Want to show off your blend to the world, share your creations on Instagram using #SparkleWithFlakeOrDie.

How do you use a dry flake sprayer?

Read our blog to learn more about the Flake King 1000 dry flake sprayer. How it works and how to apply dry flake.

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