Flake Or Die® Pearl Pigments FAQ

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What is Pearl Pigment?

Pearl pigments are mica or synthetic mica particles used to add visual effects to custom paints and resins. Pearl pigments at Flake Or Die® are solvent rated and can be used in a variety of applications. Try pearls in various coatings such as custom colors for automotive/boat paints, molded or printed projects, plastisol for custom bait and lures, enamel paints for hobby modeling, screen printing ink for shiny t-shirt designs or lacquer coatings for a personalized fingernail polish. When creating custom mixtures always test a small panel or pour before you start your final project. Don’t waste your time or money by not testing your new blend prior to application.

What are Standard Pearls?

Standard pearls are single color pigments that add a smooth satiny luster to your custom mixture, as compared to effects pearls.

What are Effects Pearls?

Effects pearls are different particle sizes and/or luster pearls which add metallic or glitter effects to your project.

What are Ghost Pearls?

Ghost pearls are colored particles which contrast with the base pearl with which they are mixed. These are pearls which highlight the “flop” color as it moves in the light.

Link to ghost pearl pigments in resin.

What are Chameleon Pearls?

Chameleon pearls are colored shifting particles which cast multiple colors with changes in light and angle. The number of color shifts varies per chameleon product, please read product description for color fluctuations for each chameleon product. 

How much pearl pigment should I mix with my base?

The choice is yours. As a baseline guide, start with 1 to 10% ratio of weight by volume. For example, our 25-gram package would tint one liter of base at 2.5%. With imperial measures, our 1-oz package would be 3% in a quart mixture. 

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